Monday, September 22, 2014

Summer 2014, thank you for being good to me

Cheers to the summer of 2014. A couple nights before my first-two brain surgeries I sat on the porch writing in a custom journal I had made for Alton as an anniversary gift. The traditional gift for your first year of marriage anniversary is paper so I had a custom journal made for him with 365 reasons why I loved him. I wrote him a letter in that journal that night, just in case it was my last one to him. Tears streamed down my face with every word I wrote. It was after midnight and I sat there and reflected on everything. I thought to myself if God forbid something goes wrong what most would I regret. I had distanced myself from everyone for years. I would decline invites with friends and avoid family gatherings. That weighed heavy on my heart because my loved ones and family members were all gearing up to fight this medical battle with me. They were the ones that would call and who kept me in their constant prayers, they were the ones clearing their schedules to sit in a hospital lobby in the early hours of a Wednesday morning. I made a promise to myself that if God granted me a chance at a healthy abled life I would cease the opportunity to strengthen those neglected relationships. As you all know I am still here and I’m proud to say that this summer I have lived a grateful life.

My favorite place to be is my front porch and if you have sat there with me this summer please know that the memories we made are near and dear to my heart, for it’s the same place I vowed I’d change. Some of my favorite memories this summer are there. Watching the sun come up with my best friend and our husbands made me feel like I accomplished the promise I made to myself.

This summer I reconnected every meaningful relationship I neglected. I spent more time with my beautiful cousins, met up with childhood friends and made new ones along the way. Whether I was floating down and inner tube in Bishop or playing “never have I ever” with new friends around a fireplace, in a cabin, in Big Bear…I was living; not just existing. I pushed myself to not allow my condition to slow me down.
The night I turned 25 again ;)

My mom hosted a Disney Frozen birthday party for my twenty-eight year old sister and me. I know it sounds ridiculous to have a Disney Princess party for two adult young women but, it was great to be amongst our loved ones, blowing out our candles like we did as kids and opening birthday gifts in unison. My sister had a custom locket made for me. It has Olaf, the snowman from frozen on the front and inside it reads “some people are worth melting for” with a photo of us a toddlers.

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna
My birthday locket from my sister.
My summer ended with celebrating two of the most important people in my life; my better half and my momma. I tried desperately last week to get rid of the bug I caught. Bless my sister’s heart she tried to stay away from me but we were together for a whole weekend at the Women of Faith conference so I caught the tail end of what she was getting over. Friday morning I woke up drenched in sweat from a fever. I was so sick and Alton’s surprise party was getting closer. I sat in a cold bath, eating ice cream and downing water. With the help of my family, I pulled off his surprise party at Hangar 24. He has always wanted to go so I figured where better to celebrate his birthday. His cake was awesome and I was so happy with it. We spent Saturday evening in San Diego at our Aunt’s wedding. She looked so beautiful and it made me so happy to be a part of her special day. We retired early that night and drove home to celebrate my mom’s birthday the next morning.

Alton's birthday cake & his suprise party.
One of the perks of living in the inland empire is everything is an hour away. She said she wanted to eat by the beach so we had a beautiful Sunday brunch, overlooking the ocean. She seemed to enjoy herself and all of the birthday attention she was getting. My parents stayed and enjoyed themselves on the beach while we headed home. My mother deserves the world so seeing her happy makes me happy. We ended our summer over corn chowder soup and ice tea with our best friends.

Thank you loved ones for all the wonderful memories we shared this summer. 

My mom's birthday at Huntington Beach

 Now bring on the fall!